Employers 2022 & 2023 Federal and State Tax Info
Employers: 2022 & 2023 Federal and State Tax Info
Connecticut’s General Assembly reduced the 2023 state tax rate to lessen the impact of federal tax increases on employers who paid employee wages in 2022.
Recruitment and Training
Recruitment and Training Icon
Grow your workforce and their performance
Workforce performance starts with finding people who have the skills and abilities you need. Make sure you provide the training they need to quickly bring get up to speed. And don't forget to support ongoing development!

American Job Centers 

Learn how the “AJC” can help you find the workers you need and reduce your hiring costs – free of charge!


CTHires.com is a powerful no-cost solution for building your company’s workforce. You can post jobs, search for and review the profiles of talented candidates, schedule a recruiting event, go to a job fair and find training and education.
Unemployment Insurance Resources for Employers

Unemployment Insurance for Employers 

Learn all about Connecticut’s unemployment insurance program.


The Benefit Payment Control Unit (BPCU) prevents, detects, and recovers overpaid unemployment benefits. 

Unemployment Appeals 

What to do when you or an employee disagree with an unemployment claim decision.

Unemployment Taxes 

Get the details for filing and paying your unemployment taxes.
Tax Credits and Incentives
Be Rewarded for Hiring
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) rewards you for hiring people who may have faced systemic hiring barriers, including veterans, SNAP recipients, and Summer Youth participants.