Employment and Training Consulting

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Employment Training and Consulting Services

Based at full-service American Job Centers, our Business Services team can help you increase workplace performance. We’ll team with you to: 

  • Uncover your hiring and training needs
  • Help you create a customized recruiting and workforce training plan 
  • Recommend resources and service providers
  • Specify potential costs and explore potential funding, tax credits, and incentives
  • Create and implement a project action plan and calendar
  • Pivot to meet your changing needs

We’ll recommend services and resources provided by the Department of Labor and/or our partners and networks. These include the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), CONN/STEP, and universities and colleges. Business Services Unit staff also monitor service and resource delivery. Consultation services are provided on an ongoing basis.

For more information

Contact the Business Services Unit of your local full-service American Job Center. 


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