Divisions and Units

CTDOL Building

Putting Policies to Work for You

Divisions and units within the Department of Labor provide programs, services, and resources that help workers and employers thrive. Our goal is to strengthen Connecticut’s workforce and our state's economy.


Employment Security Appeals 

This autonomous, quasi-judicial agency hears and decides appeals to unemployment insurance decisions.

Unemployment Insurance Benefits 

Weekly payments support workers who have been laid off and meet other eligibility requirements.

Unemployment Insurance Tax 

Learn how amounts are calculated and make your payment.

Unemployed Workers’ Advocate 

The Office of the Unemployed Workers' Advocate helps filers understand the UI and Appeals processes and reduces barriers to benefits.

Benefit Payment Control Unit - BPCU 

The Benefit Payment Control Unit prevents, detects, and recovers overpaid unemployment benefits.


The Integrity Unit is on the front lines of protecting the Unemployment Trust Fund and ensuring that the agency pays out unemployment benefits properly.


Helps job seekers find jobs and employers find workers.
Companies provide apprenticeships so participants can earn while they learn.
Creates and supports state and federal programs that help job seekers & employers.
Helps people gain skills they need to get and grow in a meaningful job
Conducts research to evaluate the state's economy, support workforce development, and help students and job seekers.
Works on behalf of the U.S. Department of Labor to help workers get skills, credentials, resources, and support for finding a new job.
Staff offer specialized services to veterans reintegrating into civilian life.



Helps make workplaces safe and healthy by supporting and enforcing CT occupational safety and health regulations that protect state and municipal employees.

Wage and Workplace Standards 

Interprets and applies laws that govern the relationship between Connecticut employers and their employees.

Business Engagement 

Supports your registered Connecticut business by helping you use a wide range of state programs and services.

Rapid Response 

Responds to large layoffs and plant closings by helping employers and their affected workers.

Workplace Innovation Opportunity Act 

Aligns job training and other services for job seekers to the needs of local employers.


Communicates news and information from the CT Department of Labor to the general public.

CT State Board of Labor Relations 

Helps employers and employees resolve differences, safeguards employees’ rights to organize, and more.

CT State Board of Mediation and Arbitration 

Helps employers and employees resolve disputes.

Office of Diversity and Equity Programs 

Committed to adhering to the Connecticut statutes to assist CTDOL in its compliance with federal, state, and other applicable civil rights laws, regulations, and guidelines.


Provides legal advice and support to the Labor Commissioner and to all divisions within the agency.

Human Resources 

Promotes the development of an internal workforce that is diverse, qualified, highly motivated and focused on achieving the mission of the agency.