Connecticut State Board of Mediation and Arbitration

The Board helps employers and employees resolve disputes. We provide binding arbitration services outside of the court system for the public and private sectors and numerous other services, including:

  • Assisting in interpreting union agreements
  • Providing no-cost mediation services to resolve disputes involving terms and provisions in collective bargaining agreements; and mediate any disputes that arise during the negotiation over the terms of a new or successor collective bargaining agreement
  • Providing grievance arbitration services to render final awards that resolve disputes involving collective bargaining agreements
  • Administering the binding interest arbitration process for municipal collective bargaining agreements, including enforcing statutory timelines and appointing the arbitration panels 

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Board Statutes 

Chapter 560 of the CT General Statures.

Neutral Arbitrator's Selection Committee 

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Grievance Arbitration Awards 

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Panel of Neutral Arbitrators for Binding Arbitration 

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Board Members

Gerald T. Weiner, Esq.


Michael C. Culhane, Sr.

Permanent Management Member

Betty Kuehnel

Permanent Labor Member

Douglas A. Cho, Esq.


Dennis C. Murphy, Esq.

Deputy Chairman

Peter S. Carozza, Jr

Permanent Labor Member

Kenneth Baldyga

Permanent Management Member

Connecticut State Board of Labor Relations


The Connecticut State Board of Labor Relations (CSBLR) helps employers and employees resolve differences and craft agreements, safeguards employees’ rights to organize, and compels employers to abide by collective bargaining agreements and Connecticut’s wage and workplace standards.

For more information, visit the CSBLR page. 

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