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ReEmployCT: Connecticut’s New Tax and Benefits System


Benefit Filers/Claimant Information


The Connecticut Department of Labor (CTDOL) has launched ReEmployCT. ReEmployCT is a much-needed technology update that replaces the agency’s 40-year-old unemployment filing system. ReEmployCT has several improvements to make filing your claim easier, including:

  • A single sign on; no need for multiple passwords to access one account;
  • The ability to do more right from your account. Common adjustments—like a change of address or reporting a return-to-work date—happen in ReEmployCT;
  • Everything is online; many documents that previously had to be submitted by mail or fax will be available online.
                                                                                                               * KEY POINTS FOR FILERS:

- All filers must est
ablish a new account in the new system. Your username and password will not work in ReEmployCT, you have to create a new one.

- If you are a weekly filer (this means you have an active, 
continuous claim and have not reached the end of your benefit year), use the weekly certification link in Quick Links on your account page.

1.  When you get into ReEmployCT, you will be prompted to the sign in screen-you can create a username and password or sign in.

2. Create a new username and password.

3. Do not try to sign in using your old credentials-ReEmployCT is a new system and will not recognize the old sign in username and password.

4. Then you'll be directed to the sign in screen again and you may use the new credentials, sign in, and proceed to your account.


Now that the system is live, here are some reminders to help you navigate:

  • Claim weeks are Sunday through Saturday; you have until Saturday to file a weekly certification.
  • ReEmployCT offers 24/7 access and you can file for two previous weeks.
  • In ReEmployCT, use “Weekly Certification” if you have an open and active claim. It’s the second option on your account page in the Quick Links box.

“Unemployment Claim”, is the first option on your account page in the Quick Links box. You will also use this link if you need to file a new claim
because you reached the end of your benefit year, or if you are re-opening a claim because you have been working but are now unemployed again.


The most important things you can do when filing your weekly claim:

  • Enter your user ID and password correctly. If you get locked out of your account use the lockout form and we’ll get you back in.
  • Remember, your name and Social Security number have to match what’s already in our system. This is a security feature to ensure no one else is trying to access your benefits.

The Consumer Contact Center:

The Consumer Contact Center is available to help. With new filers and a new system, we are talking to a lot of claimants right now so please be patient while agents are working with other filers.

  • We recommend scheduling a callback—you can do this right from our website. Use the drop-down menu to tell us the topic, then pick your day and time. Make certain you are near your phone to receive texts and the Consumer Contact Center call. If you miss the call, we will try again later.


The Consumer Contact Center is always here to help. Employer information is located here.