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Connecticut Department Of Labor


Welcome to ReEmployCT, Connecticut’s new unemployment system.

To get started, everyone must create a ReEmployCT account.
Even if you are a weekly filer in the old system, you’ll need a ReEmployCT account to access your information.


You can access ReEmployCT in several ways:

Reemploy CT
Unemployment Insurance


Setting Up Your ReEmployCT Account

More information about setting up your ReEmployCT account is available in the Helpful Tips section of this page. 

To set up a ReEmployCT account, 

  1. Go to the ReEmployCT landing page. 
  2. Click on Create an Account on the left side of the screen.
    ReEmployCT log in page
  3. You will then be directed to the ‘New User Sign Up’ screen. On this screen: 
    the New User Sign Up screen 
    • (a) Enter and confirm your Social Security number.
    • (b) Enter your name.
    • (c) Enter your date of birth, using a two-digit month, two-digit day, and a four-digit year (MM/DD/YYYY).
    • (d) Check the I’m not a robot box.
    • (e) Click the Next button.
  4. You will then be directed to the ‘Create User ID and Password’ screen. On this screen:
    the Create User ID and Password screen
    • (a) Enter a User ID. Your User ID must be 6 to 30 characters long, and the first character must be a letter. 
    • (b) Create and confirm your password. Your password is case sensitive and must follow certain rules to protect the security of your account. 
      • To view these rules, click on the ‘?’ icon to the right of the Create Password field. 
    • (c) Select and enter your security questions and answers. Note that the answers to your security questions are case sensitive. 
    • (d) Enter and confirm your email address. 
    • (e) Click on the Submit button.
  5. A ‘Successful Registration Confirmation’ message will then appear. Click on the Access your account now button to verify your email. 
    Successful Registration Confirmation
  6. Before you can get into your account, we need to make sure that you are you. 
    • (a) Check your email account for the code we sent to you. The message’s subject line will read, “CTDOL Accounts: E-mail Verification.” 
    • (b) In the message, click on the here link in the ‘If you already have the verification code for this email address’ line.
      the Email Verification screen
      • (i) If you did not get a verification code, click on the here link in the ‘If you need another verification code for the above email address’ line. We will then send you a new code. 
        the Email Verification screen
      • (ii) Alternatively, you can enter an entirely new email address, and we will send the code to that address instead. 
        the Email Verification screen
    • (c) After clicking on the here link, a box will appear. Enter the code into this box.
    • (d) A screen that confirms you successfully completed email verification will then appear. You are all set to log into to your ReEmployCT account. 
  7. Go back to the ReEmployCT login page. 
  8. Enter your User ID and password. 
  9. Check the I’m not a robot box. 
  10. Click on the Log In button. Your account landing page will then appear. 


Helpful Tips

As you create your ReEmployCT account, keep the following information in mind: 

You can choose any user ID you’d like and any password you’d like. Just make sure you can remember them, and don’t share them with anyone else, ever. CTDOL will never ask you for your password. 

In some cases, the User ID you choose might already be in use. We’ll have you pick another one if this happens.

Security questions help us identify you if you get locked out of your account. 

You can click on the drop-down menu to select each of your security questions. Make sure that you will remember the answers to your security questions if we ask you. 

Your email address is very important—it’s how we verify that you are you. 

Make sure you have access to your email. You will need the code we send to complete the ReEmployCT account setup.