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Connecticut Department of Labor
The Connecticut Department of Labor’s Shared Work Program helps businesses prevent layoffs by allowing them to temporarily reduce employee hours and use partial unemployment benefits to supplement lost wages.

Business can retain a talented workforce during economic downturns—rather than laying off the workforce and having to recruit, hire, and train new labor when the economy recovers – Shared Work employers can reduce overhead by temporarily cutting hours. Their employees keep their jobs at a reduced schedule, keep their benefits, and are able to file for partial unemployment benefits for the lost wages.


Shared Work
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In the News

More than 1,340 companies and 24,300 employees are now part of the Shared Work program.

Helping Businesses

Shared Work has been helping businesses for 20 years, but a new U.S. DOL decision has renewed interest. The fed gov’t will reimburse the Trust Fund for unemployment costs normally charged to the employers.