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All DMV Forms - By Number

Most forms are available at all DMV offices.  Forms are also available below to request or to download. If the form you need is either not listed or unable to be downloaded from the site, please e-mail us and we will mail you the form.  If you want to access a form that can be downloaded, you must use the software called Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them.  To get a free copy of the software, click "Get Acrobat".


**NEW** - Application for Registration and Title (Form-H-13B) (Download the form, fill out online, and print to bring with you.)


Forms to Request


(Note: These forms are not available for download because they are three-part forms and the carbon copies are needed for our records.)


Forms to Download


All form are in PDF format.  Adobe Acrobat Reader can be used to view and print them.  To get a free copy of the software, go to "Get Acrobat".
(fill out forms online and print)


Form Number  

Form Name

Courtesy Registration Title Request Form
A83 Special Power of Attorney
A25 Request for Hearing to Contest Vehicle Towing
A89 Transcription Request
A90  Special Power of Attorney - Salvage and Salvage Parts Only
AE-81 Out-of-State Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Verification Form
AU-463 Motor Vehicle and Vessel Gift Declaration
Change of Address - For Individuals | For Organizations
B96 Correction of Information For Vessels
B122 Marine Dealers Application  

Marine Dealers - Vessel Registration

B200 Certificate of Exemption from Connecticut Insurance Card Law
B203 Vessel Ownership Affidavit 
B214 Hearing Impairment Certificate
B215 Special Mobile Equipment Affidavit
B220 Documents Required for Vessel Registration
B225P Disabled Parking Placard - Permanent
B225T Disabled Parking Placard - Temporary
B229 Commercial Fishing Affidavit  

Salvage Inspection Information

B276 Application for Waiver of Registration Fee for Someone in the Military
B301 Registration Affidavit  
B303 Air Bag Certification Statement
B319 Bond for Driver Training School
B320 Application to Display Original Year of Manufacture Marker Plate(s) 
B341 Request for a duplicate motor vehicle registration
B350 Application for Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card through the Mail 
B360 Request for Administrative Review
B372 Gender Designation Change Form (Please Use Form B-385)
B385  Gender Designation on a License or Identification Form 
B387 Affidavit of Payment for Totaled Motor Vehicle
CERT-106 Claim for Refund of Motor Vehicle
CI-3 Application for Under 21 Statement Removal
D47 Registration Issuance Bond
E22 No Fee Affidavit for Registration
E45 Replacement Application for Identical Plate Form
E78 License Change of Name Request
E110 Farm Registration Certification 
E140 Automobile Club Association Bond
Leased Vehicles:  If you are cancelling the registration for a leased vehicle or if you need to provide proof of registration cancellation for tax purposes please visit our online services to check the registration status of your vehicle. If the plate shows a cancelled status, then your leasing company has already cancelled the registration and you do not need to return this form.  You are welcome to print the registration status of your plate and a town Assessor may accept this as proof of your registration cancellation.  Please note that other documents may be required to remove your tax liability.
E211 Transporters Registration Application
E215 Form for Flashing Light/Siren Permits
E215B Blue Light Permit
E215EV Application for Flashing Light Permit - Emergency Vehicles 
E215G Green Light Permit
E215ME Application for Yellow/Amber Light Permit - Maintenance/Escort
E219 Registration Replacement Affidavit for Vessel
F82 Application for One Year or Two Year Refund on Registration
H6B Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title
Application for Registration and Title (Download the form, fill out online, and print to bring with you.)
H30 Affidavit of Repossession of a Vehicle
H31 Bill of Sale  (Not to be used as an assignment of ownership for a Titled vehicle.)
H71 Statement of Withdrawal for a Connecticut Motor Vehicle Title
H100 Notice of Intent to Sell
H100A Artificer's Lien Form
H108 Stolen Vehicle Report  (Police Departments Only)
H109 Municipality Report of an Abandoned Vehicle
H110 Abandoned Motor Vehicle Sale Notification
H113 Surety Bond - Certificate of Title
H114 Notice of Motor Vehicle Tow
H115 Motor Vehicle Ownership Affidavit 
H116 Vehicle Statement of Value (Completed by Dealers and Repairers)
H119 Attestation of Transfer Notification to Joint Owner 
H120 Officer's Affidavit of Transfer Motor Vehicle Seized Pursuant to Alias Tax Warrant
H123 Self-Service Storage Facility Filing of Business Information
H124 Self-Service Storage Facility Notice of Intent to Transfer
Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Transfer by Self-Service Storage Facility
H126 Campground Filing of Business Information
H127 Campground Notice of Intent to Transfer
H128 Affidavit of Recreational Vehicle Transfer by Campground
IRP5 Application for Replacement Credentials
IRP24  IRP Deposit Form
IRP26 Individual Mileage Record for Commercial Vehicles
IRP29 Individual Vehicle Mileage Record 
IRP31  International Registration Plan Application 

Copy Records Request

J23T Title Copy Records Request 
J23V Vessel Copy Records Request
K2 Application to obtain an Auto Club License
K6 Request for Additional Marker Plates
K7 Application for Automobile Dealer's or Repairer's License
K8 Dealers and Repairers License Inspection Application
K9A Requirements for Certification of Conformity with State and Federal Statutes
K9B Certification of Conformity with State and Federal Statutes
K11 Rates Chart for Wrecker, Towing, Road Services
K13 Lost or Stolen Dealer or Repairer Plates
K26 Listing of Personnel in a Dealers and Repairers Business
K35 Complaint Pertaining to Motor Vehicles Sales or Service
K36 Procedures to Obtain a Connecticut Motor Vehicle Dealer's or Repairer's License
K69 How to Apply for a Motor Vehicles Manufacturers License
K70 Procedures for Obtaining a Connecticut Motor Vehicle Junk Yard License
K88 Motor Vehicles Storage Rates Posting for Dealers and Repairers
K89 Application to Store Motor Vehicles, the Storage Rates and Requirements
K91 Application for Junk Yard License
K93 Drawings and Certificates Information for Obtaining a Dealers or Repairers License

Surety Bond

K159 Inspection Ticker Log Sheet for Dealers
K164 Marine Dealer Trailer Registration Application
K174 Received Junk Vehicles Report
K179 Dealer Authorization to Sign for Registration of a Motor Vehicle
K186 Salvage Vehicle Repair Report 
K196 Manufacturer Termination of Franchise Notification
K197 Replacement Parts Statement
K198 Certificate of Business Status and Agent for Service
K200 Etching of Vehicle Identification Number and Component Parts Marking
K208 CT Licensed Dealer Vehicle Inspection Form
L4 Taxpayer's Application for Change of Motor Vehicle Assessment
L5 Municipalities - Assessment Correction Notice
LS5 Request for Permission to Conduct Special Activities on DMV Premises
A completed copy of this form must be submitted to the DMV.   
M46 Special Order Veteran Plate Application
MCS-150CT Motor Carrier Identification Report
MD-1 Special Operators Permit Application
Medical Examiner's Certificate Form - This form must be used if your medical exam is performed on or after April 20, 2016.
P142ER Hospital ER Physician's Impaired Driver Report
P142M Medical Form
P147 License Surrender
P163 Attorney Appearance sheet
Q20 Use Tax Exemption on Motor Vehicles or Vessels Sold to or by Businesses
R7 Application for Connecticut Public Service License
R7A Driver's Education - Application for Instructor's License
R17 Road Signs
R94 Driver's Education - Application for Driving School License

Application for Inspection of a Composite Motor Vehicle

R100 Driving Schools - Application for Amended Rate Schedule
R157 Inspection Requirements for Composite Motor Vehicles
R229 Application for Non-Commercial Driver License
R230 Certification for Driver Training Instructor - 45-hour Behind the Wheel Course
R234 Track Racing - Complaint Form
R280 Driving School Instructor - Training Schedule
R314 State Medical Waiver Application
R317 Application for Certification of Tinted Windows
R318 Application for Driver Education Program
R319 Driver Education Supplies Request
R349 Diesel Emissions Inspection Report
R359 Application for School Bus Driver Instructor
R360 School Bus/STV Driver Training Certificate
R379 Affidavit of Possession
R380 STV/School Bus/Public Service Vehicle Brake Inspection Report
R390 Annual Report of Appointment of School Bus Safety Coordinator
R391 Application for Recertification of School Bus Driver Training Instructor
R394 Application for New Master Instructor
R403 Complaint Against CT Licensed Driving School or Instructor
SR37 Insurance Compliance Consent Agreement
SR101 Disposition of Vehicle
W-298 Authorization for Disclosure of Information (Department of Social Services Form) - may be required for Emissions Economic Hardship Time Extension Application
Y10 School Bus Transportation - Pupil Transportation Vehicle Report
Y11A Instructions for Completing Pupil Transportation Vehicle Report 
Y14 Commercial Motor Vehicle/School Bus - Passenger Transportation Medical Form for Doctor