Get a bill of sale

Get a bill of sale

Why do I need a bill of sale?

For purposes of selling your vehicle privately, you can draft your own bill of sale as long as it contains the following information:

  • Vehicle information (make, year, model, vehicle identification number, and an odometer reading)
  • Buyer information (name, address, and signature)
  • Seller information (name, address, and signature)
  • Selling price and date sold

How can I get a copy of a bill of sale?

Obtaining a copy of the original bill of sale:

  • Complete a Title Copy Records Request (Form J-23T)
  • Fill in sections 2 and 3 or 4 of the form and the requester section, including your telephone number.
  • Return the form, along with copies of two forms of identification as stated on the form.
  • Enclose the required $20 fee.
Please note:

Please include a copy of the original registration showing the date of issue to begin the search. You will receive a copy of the bill of sale you requested in approximately four to six weeks.

To register a non-titled vehicle

the registration from the last owner and a Supplemental Assignment of Ownership (form Q-1) or the Bill of Sale (form H-31) is needed.