File complaint

How to file a complaint against a dealership or repair shop

File complaint

How to file a complaint against a dealership or repair shop

What you need to know

The DMV’s Consumer Complaint Center investigates Connecticut-licensed dealerships or repair shops for the following issues:

  • Used car warranty (new car warranty/lemon law issues are handled by the Department of Consumer Protection)
  • Deposits and billing
  • Repair orders, repair estimates, or repair authorizations via auto repairs
  • Sales/purchase orders
  • Titles
  • Liens
  • Odometers
  • False statements related to vehicle condition or needed repairs
  • Non-consensual towing and storage charges (see maximum allowable towing and storage rates)

The following issues are NOT investigated by the DMV, but may be pursued by the customer in small claims court:

  • Improper or shoddy repairs
  • Misdiagnosis by the mechanic (Connecticut does not license individual mechanics)
  • Vehicle vandalism that occurs at the repair shop
  • Damage caused by improper towing
  • Disputes related to advertising

However, if you’re awarded a judgment by the court, the DMV may be able to help you get restitution by holding a hearing to invoke the licensee's surety bond.

Steps to file a complaint

To file a complaint against a dealer or repair shop:

  • Complete a consumer complaint (Form K-35) online and print out for mailing.
    • Print two copies of form—and be sure to sign both copies.
  • Send one copy to the DMV Consumer Complaint Center (address below) and the other copy to the dealership or repair shop that the complaint concerns.
    • Note: It’s essential that you include copies of all paperwork related to your complaint (e.g., warranty, invoice, repair bill, etc.). Please do not send the originals.
  • Include telephone numbers where you can be reached weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Including your email address allows us to respond more quickly.

Note: If your complaint is resolved after your paperwork submittal, please send a short letter (signed and dated) to the address listed below stating that the problem has been resolved.

Please submit all correspondence to:

Department of Motor Vehicles 
Consumer Complaint Center 
60 State Street 
Wethersfield, CT 06161 
Phone: 860-263-5405