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Vanity Plates

Save Time - Order Online




Vanity Plates are available to order online in the following registration types: Passenger, Combination, Commercial, Camper and Camp Trailer.

Before you order, please note:
  • Cancellation of an order will not entitle you to a refund.
  • Once an order is placed, it cannot be changed.


The Department of Motor Vehicles is not issuing one, two or three digit plates, regardless of type i.e. passenger, combination, motorcycle, etc.  Additionally, you cannot substitute the letter "O" for the number "0."


Take a look at special license plate designs offered by DMV.

In order to apply for a vanity plate the vehicle must:
  • Have a valid Connecticut registration.
    - If the vehicle is due for renewal, please renew the current registration before applying for vanity plates.
  • Not have any delinquent tax or other vehicle compliance issues.

Please note that applications for vehicles registered out-of-state or with a temporary registration will not be accepted. 

You may only acquire the same registration type as is currently on your vehicle. For example, if you currently have Combination plates on your vehicle, you can only apply for Combination plates - you cannot obtain Combination plates if your vehicle is currently registered with Passenger plates.

Vanity plate requests must be made on the Special Order Plate Application (form M-22).

See M-22 form for fees.

It may take up to 8 weeks to receive your new plates.

For additional information, please call (860) 263-5154.


Vanity Plate Options:

Any combination of letters and numbers - seven characters or less. 
There will be no dashes or extra spaces between letters.  Only one dot is allowed.  The dot cannot be placed at the beginning or end of a plate number.
  • Standard Motorcycle plates can only accommodate up to 6 characters and one dot. 
  • Veteran Motorcycle and Classic Motorcycle plates can only accommodate up to 5 characters or 4 characters and one dot. 

Requests are processed in the order that they are received. Every attempt will be made to accommodate your request.

The Department of Motor Vehicles reserves the right to deny issuance of certain requests.


Applications May Be Submitted:
By Mail:

Send your request to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Customized Plates Unit
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT  06161


You may apply online here