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International Registration Plan (IRP)

Effective September 8, 2020, IRP will take appointments for the following transactions:

Add/Delete a Vehicle

Change Carrier

Weight Increase

Return Plate


Please call the IRP unit at 860-263-5281 to schedule an appointment.


Connecticut is a member of the International Registration Plan (IRP).  Commercial vehicles must be registered in IRP or obtain a special trip permit, if:


  • Your vehicle travels to another IRP jurisdiction (U.S. states and Canadian provinces); and
  • Your vehicle has a gross weight or combined gross weight in excess of 26,000 pounds or three or more axles combined.   
Vehicles from Outside Connecticut

Qualified motor vehicles from another IRP jurisdiction must have a valid cab card or have a valid trip permit prior to entering Connecticut.

Exempt Vehicles from IRP

Vehicles that are exempt from IRP include government owned vehicles; vehicles displaying a restricted plate such as dealer, repair, wrecker, antique (Classic), transporter, or farm; city pick-up and delivery vehicles and recreational vehicles. 


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