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International Registration Plan (IRP)
Renewal Information



Select a link below for information on the International Registration Plan (IRP) renewal process:    
  • A renewal notice is sent 90 days before the month of expiration by email or mail.   
  • Renewals should be returned to the IRP unit no less than 45 days before the IRP registration expiration date to ensure proper processing time of invoice.
  • Use ink to complete all original preprinted IRP renewal materials.
  • DMV will send invoice once renewals have been returned by email or mail.   
  • The late fee for renewing an IRP registration is $150.00 per vehicle.
  • Review the general information packet for IRP renewals.
  • Online renewal processing is available.
The following materials are required for all IRP renewals:
  • IRP Renewal Schedule A/B - See instructions for filling out.        
  • Accord Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • Driver License (valid NOT expired) COPIES for:
    - Person(s) to contact regarding application (from IRP Schedule B) AND
    - Person that signed bottom of IRP renewal schedule B AND
    - Registrant – if registrant is an individual (must be a Connecticut Driver License)
  • C.O.N.C.O.R.D Business Filing (Secretary of  State).  Update on line at
  • Unified Carrier Registration (including if leased-on carrier) Verify Valid UCR.  Update on line at 
The following materials may be required for an IRP renewal, depending on the registrant.
  • Original DMV Special Power of Attorney form (Form A-83)
    - For whomever signed the IRP renewal schedule B IF that person does not match the "Person to Contact Regarding Application" on schedule B
  • FMCSA Motor Carrier Identification Report (Form MCS-150) 
  • IRS Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290 Receipt
    - If vehicle(s) are 55,000 pounds or more
  • Current Lease Agreement
    - If registrant is leased to a motor carrier
  • All property tax must be paid.
  • Original Application Schedule A/B (IRP-31)
    - If vehicle(s) to be added   
  • Certificate of Title
    - If vehicle(s) to be added are titled in Connecticut under owner's name (front and back of title)
  • Registration of Motor Vehicle/Application for Title (Form H-13B)
    - If vehicle to be added is NOT currently titled in Connecticut in the name of the legal vehicle owner.
  • Inspection/VIN verification for vehicles being added at renewal time.
Insurance Information
Anyone renewing an IRP registration must provide an up-to-date Acord Certificate of Insurance. The certificate must list the registrant's name as listed on the IRP account. If leased on to someone, both liability and bob tail insurance is required.
The following is also required on the certificate:
  • Policy Number
  • Business Address (May have a PO BOX if listed with Secretary of State and Federal DOT)
  • Vehicle year, make and VIN
  • Effective and Expiration Dates
  • Amount of Insurance Liability (there is a $750,000 minimum requirement)
  • IRP Unit listed as a certificate holder:
    - CT DMV IRP, 60 State Street Room 102A, Wethersfield, CT 06161-1010
  • Under Description of Operations/Locations/Vehicles MUST include, IF leased-on to a motor carrier, Vehicle Information.
  • Proof – IF leased-on to a motor carrier – of Bobtail or Non-Trucking Liability Insurance 
Instructions and Tips for Filling Out Forms

The following is information that may be used during the renewal process.

IRP Renewal Schedule B
  • Do NOT cross out any pre-printed text
  • Review/Verify ALL pre-printed text
  • Enter a "C" in red ink near every change/correction
  • Add new information in red ink near every change/correction
Mailing Address
  • Enter ZIP code + 4 for faster mail delivery
  • Enter actual fleet miles to the exact mile for each jurisdiction your vehicle(s) traveled during the 12-month reporting period. It must include:
    - Actual Fleet miles for Connecticut
All miles traveled by vehicles added to an IRP account, in Connecticut, including intrastate, and under 72-hour IRP trip permits and 45-day temporary registrations. 
  • Review each U.S. DOT number and each Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
Changes to Fleets/Vehicles
To Add One or More Vehicles
  • Provide ORIGINAL APPLICATION Schedule A/E (IRP-31) that includes all added vehicles
  • Provide Acord Certificate of liability Insurance that includes all added vehicles
  • IF vehicles are titled in Connecticut in owner’s name, copies of front and back of Certificate of Title
  • IF vehicles re not titled in Connecticut in the name of the legal owner provide:
       - Completed - Official Registration of Motor Vehicles and application for Certificate of Title form (Form H-13B)
       - A separate check for $25.00 made payable to "CT DMV" for Connecticut Title (plus $10.00 administrative fee, plus $10.00 for each additional lien being recorded)
       - Record of annual DOT Inspection performed by a Connecticut Licensed Dealer/Repairer, an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or a person or motor carrier who has completed and submitted a Inspector Qualification form state the inspector is qualified to perform the inspection in accordance with 49 CFR 396.19.
       - If vehicle is titled out of state a DMV VIN Verification (Form K190) performed by a Connecticut DMV Inspector and a check for $10.00 payable to "CT DMV" for the VIN/Safety inspection.