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Additional Information on Registering

Motorcycles and Motor Driven Cycles

Below is information that affects whether you must register your scooter, moped or other motorbike as a motorcycle. 

You must register the following:

Motorcycles: Any two-or three-wheeled motor vehicle (that does not have a driver’s seat that is enclosed or designed to be enclosed) that produces more than 2 brake horsepower must be registered as a motorcycle.

  • You may be asked to present proof of your motorcycle’s horsepower (or metric power) if it is not apparent from the certificate of origin or other registration documents. This information is available from the motorcycle’s manufacturer.
  • You must obtain an M endorsement on your driver’s license to operate a motorcycle.
Also, the vehicle must be inspected if all of the following apply:
  • The motorcycle was never previously registered in Connecticut; AND
  • The motorcycle was purchased/obtained from a person or business that is not a Connecticut licensed dealer; AND
  • The manufacturer of the motorcycle does not have a manufacturer’s license in Connecticut.  (You may check the manufacturer’s license status in an Excel Spreadsheet or in a PDF document).
Inspections are performed at the Wethersfield inspection lane Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • $10 administrative fee in addition to the fee for registration.
If you have questions you may call 860-263-5080.

You may operate the following on the roadway without registering it:

Motor Driven Cycles are defined as a motor scooter, moped or motorbike having an engine size of less than 50 cc and a seat height of at least 26 inches. 

  • However, you must have a valid motor vehicle operator’s license to operate it, and you may not operate it on any sidewalk, limited access highway or turnpike.
Note: If the maximum speed of your cycle is less than the speed limit of the road that you are on, you must operate in the right hand lane available for traffic or upon a usable shoulder on the right side of the road unless you are making a left turn.

Mini-Motorcycles (Pocket Bikes) cannot be registered, and continue to be prohibited from use on any roadway or sidewalk.These vehicles have seat heights that are less than 26 inches.

Three-Wheeled Vehicles: that have or are designed to have a driver’s seat that is completely enclosed and a motor which is not in the enclosed area are not motorcycles under Connecticut law, and may not be registered as motorcycles.

NOTE: If you are about to purchase a three-wheeled vehicle with an enclosed driver’s seat or a kit for assembling such a vehicle, first call 860-263-5080 to determine whether it may be registered in Connecticut.  Connecticut motor vehicle law may differ from other state and federal law.  Many three-wheeled vehicles with enclosed seats cannot practically be modified to meet the Connecticut passenger vehicle requirements.