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DMV Easy Answers
for How to Obtain a Temporary Registration

This service is provided by appointment only at a DMV office.  Make an appointment here.  A temporary registration may be obtained for the purpose of needing a safety inspection and/or emissions test.

What to do:

Temporary registrations are not renewable.

What to bring:

If the vehicle is not previously registered in your name:
If the vehicle is previously registered in your name:
What it will cost:
  • $21 for every 10 days
  • $27 for 10 days for commercial vehicles with a GVWR of 6000lbs or less
Sales tax will be collected for newly purchased vehicles.
  • The sales tax will be 6.35 percent for vehicles purchased at $50,000 or less.
  • The sales tax will be 7.75 percent for vehicles over $50,000.
For additional information, please see Requirements for Obtaining a Temporary Registration.