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Farm Registration

To qualify for a Farm Registration, the applicant must operate a commercial farm or agricultural business located in Connecticut. Per Section 14-49(q) of the Connecticut General Statutes, a vehicle is eligible for a farm registration if it is used exclusively in connection with the commercial operation of a farm or agricultural business in Connecticut with GROSS ANNUAL SALES OF $2,500 OR MORE. No vehicle with a farm registration may be used for the purpose of transporting goods for hire, personal use, non-farm business, pleasure, recreation, or commuting to school or to non-farming employment.

To obtain a NEW Farm Registration, an Application for Registration and Title (Form H-13B) must be completed along with a Farm Registration Certificate (Form E-110), and a Connecticut insurance card on the vehicle is required.

A current copy of a FARMER'S TAX EXEMPTION PERMIT (Form R657 or mL657) must also be submitted. This permit can be obtained through the state Department of Revenue ServicesNOTE: This permit is also required at renewal. 

Expected fees for a Farm Registration are as follows:

$30 – Registration Fee

$5 – Plate Fee

$25 – Title Fee

$10 – Administrative Fee

$10 – Lien Fee if Applicable

The vehicle is exempt from the 6.35% Connecticut sales/use tax if it is used directly in the agricultural production process. For tax exemption you must present a FARMER'S TAX EXEMPTION PERMIT (Form R657 or mL657) obtained from the Department of Revenue Services.

NOTE: The FARMER'S TAX EXEMPTION PERMIT (Form R657 or mL657) must be in the same name as the farm registration in order to qualify for the tax exemption.