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The Monthly Indicators Report collects and publishes data from a variety of state criminal justice agencies. The primary goals of of the Report are to monitor trends in prison admissions and releases and to priovide policy makers and the public with a current look at the state's prison system and its prisoners. The Monthly is required by Public Act 05-249.
A compilation of 2a Charts from January 2014 through May 2016.
The reports below are presented in reverse chronological order, so that the most current version is listed first. The documents are available in Adobe PDF format.  To view these documents either get the Adobe Reader OR use the Adobe PDF Converter.

2018 Reports

Monthly Indicators Report - 2018 December
Monthly Indicators Report - 2018 November
Monthly Indicators Report - 2018 October
Monthly Indicators Report - 2018 September
Monthly Indicators Report - 2018 August
Monthly Indicators Report - 2018 July
Monthly Indicators Report - 2018 June
Monthly Indicators Report - 2018 May
Monthly Indicators Report - 2018 April
Monthly Indicators Report - 2018 March
Monthly Indicators Report - 2018 February
•Monthly Indicators Report - 2018 January

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Correctional Population Indicators Appendices

Monthly Indicators

As defined by statue, there are six areas, or eight indicators of prescribed content for these reports that are listed as follows:

  1. Admissions to Correctional Facilities
    (A) Directly from Courts
    (B) On Account of Parole Revocation (Community Returns)
    (C) On Account of Probation Revocation (Violations of Probation – VOP)

  2. Department of Correction Releases and Discharges
    (A) The Number of Releases on Parole and to Other Forms of Community Supervision and Facilities

  3. Granting of Parole
    (A) The Rate of Granting Parole

  4. Offenders Sentenced to Probation and Referrals to CSSD Community Placements
    (A) The Number of Probation Placements and Placements to Probation Facilities

  5. Current Prison Population
    (A) The Prison Population

  6. Six month Forecast of the Prison Population
    (A) The Projected Prison Population
In addition to the required content above, there are several APPENDICES that provide the reader with more detailed information about the context and definition of terms, counting rules to describe the exact derivation of figures, and historical perspectives for a broader understanding of the changing environment.

The Connecticut Criminal Justice System Flowchart provides a summary of the Connecticut criminal justice system. Unlike many states that have county governments, the majority of agencies within the criminal justice system are State agencies. The one exception is law enforcement, where there are over 90 local police departments in addition to the Connecticut State Police.

Connecticut Criminal Justice System Overview provides an overview of the flow of admissions and releases throughout the Connecticut criminal justice system on an annual basis.

NOTE: The flowchart shown above is from the Monthly Indicators Report included on this webpage.  The inputs and outputs of this representation of the Criminal Justice System is a closer approximation of the system and reasonably balances.  We are still in the process of continually refining this flowchart to better represent the system.  However, some of this information may be difficult to quantify and capture at this time.


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