Grants Unit

The Grants Unit is responsible for planning inter-agency programs and coordinating policy development initiatives to improve Connecticut's criminal justice system and enhance community safety.  The Unit plans and manages the allocation of federal grant funds to support initiatives and projects that use a coordinated multi-disciplinary approach to ensure victim safety, improve offender accountability and reduce re-victimization.


Unit Functions


Plan distribution of federal grant funds, technical assistance and other resources to aid local governments, state agencies and community based organizations in creating safer communities.

Ensure project and program accountability through oversight and monitoring of grant funded activities.

Assist grant projects in developing data collection processes to comply with federal grant program requirements and document outcomes.

Assess cost effective strategies for reducing victimization and recidivism to support integration of planning and state budget development.

Communicate the value and impact of criminal justice initiatives through progress updates posted on websites, publications and reports.

Convene inter-agency forums and workgroups to assess emerging trends and issues.

Develop an inter-agency resource for identifying and tracking information on federally funded criminal justice initiatives operating throughout the state.


Grants and Programs Administered by OPM CJPPD

Federal Grant Programs

State-Funded Programs  

Grants and Programs for Criminal Justice Stakeholder Awareness


Active Federal Grant Programs and Solicitations


Civil Rights Discrimination Complaint Procedure for Grants Funded by DOJ