M.5.7 Updating the Contract Sheet Title Block

The Contract Border Cell Title Block placed in Sheet Models are linked to the WorkSet Property Fields. This workflow will update WorkSet Property Fields that was established when the WorkSet was originally created. The information is stored the WorkSet's 1234_1234.DGNWS file.


1. Open the CAD application.

  • Consultants - Start the software, via an appropriate CTDOT DDE icon.
  • CTDOT employees - On your desktop double click on the Accounting Icon.


2. On the Splash Screen before opening a DGN file select the WorkSet to update. Next select Properties > Advanced Properties


3. In the Edit WorkSet dialog box edit the following fields as necessary, this is what will appear in the Contract Sheet Title Block so use all CAPITALS:

  • CTDOT Project Description
  • CTDOT Project Number
  • CTDOT Town(s)


4. Open the DGN file and check the sheet models. If the title block does not display the updated information use the tool Update All Fields, and the text will update to match. This can be done by typing the command in the upper right Search field or by selecting the More pull down on the CTDOT workflow, Annotate tab, Text section.