M.4.1 Becoming a CONNECTED User

Every registered user can take advantage of new services made available to all Bentley subscribers. CONNECTservices will enable project teams to collaborate and ensure users master their use of Bentley software.

  • Employees at CTDOT are part of the Bentley subscription that has been purchased by the Department.  
  • Consultant engineers must purchase their own subscription

For CTDOT Employees a Bentley ID will be created by AEC Applications, an automated email from Bentley should be received when the user is registered. To request a Bentley ID, please Enrollment in CTDOT CAD Training Program. 

CAD Training Enrollment

1. Follow the directions from the Bentley-IMS@bentley.com email to "reset your password" (or to set your password for the first time). Use the embedded link provided in the email to verify who you are and to create your password.


2. Or log-in for the first time by clicking on the CONNECTION Client icon on your desktop. The CONNECT Edition Client will be installed with all CONNECT Edition Desktop Products. If you do not see the dialog box, select the ˄ icon on the bottom Windows Screen. Click on the Connection Client Icon and select Open.

Bentley's CONNECTION Client - Windows Icon

3. On the CONNECTION Client Sign In page, type in your State email address and click on "Forgot password?"


4. You will receive an email from Bentley-IMS@bentley.com.  Follow the embedded link provided in the email to verify who you are and to create your password.

5. Open the CONNECTION Client from the system tray or desktop icon, then sign in and accept the ‘Terms of Service’.

*Please Note: You can’t proceed without accepting the ‘Terms of Service’

Once Registered, you will receive a Welcome email with additional information on being a CONNECTED User.