M.5.6 Requesting a CAD Project in COMPASS

This procedure should be followed for all CTDOT COMPASS/SHAREPOINT CAD Projects. Consultants working on their own system should follow the procedure in Volume 1,  M.1.2 Creating a WorkSet
1. Project Engineers will need to request a CAD setup for new projects stored in COMPASS using the link below.  This will enable AEC Applications to properly configure the COMPASS Project's Design Folder and Discipline Subfolders.
New CAD Project Request

2. AEC Applications will set up the WorkSet and the CTDOT Property Fields with the information initially provided in the request. 

  • CTDOT Project Description
  • CTDOT Project Number
  • CTDOT Town(s)

The CTDOT Property Fields can be updated by anyone working on the project at any time as needed.  On the Splash Screen before opening a DGN file select Properties > Advanced Properties.  In the Edit WorkSet dialog box update the CTDOT Property Fields as required.  The Contract Border Cell Title Block placed in Sheets Models are linked to these Property Fields.

 WorkSet Properties