Module 5 - Maintaining the DDE and UPF


In this module both in-house staff and consultants will be instructed on how to maintain their user preferences, update WorkSet Standards and Properties.  Users will learn how to update their DGN files to sync with changes made in the Workspace/Configuration. Consultants working offline from COMPASS/SharePoint will be instructed on how to maintain changes to the DDE. COMPASS/SharePoint users will be on instructed how to request a new WorkSet.


All Users will:

  • learn how to view, update and delete User Preference files and folders.
  • become skilled at diagnosing User Preference issues. 
  • gain knowledge to identify and manage changes in your Design Files when DGN Libraries (Styles, Element Templates, Item Types, Parametric Cells and Feature Definitions) are upgraded in the CTDOT CONNECT DDE.
  • learn how to modify WorkSet Properties to update the Contract Sheet Title Block
  • learn how to update OpenBridge Templates stored in the Project’s WorkSet location 

Consultants working offline from COMPASS/SharePoint will:

  • learn how to update the Bid Item Master Database.
  • learn how to update the installed Workspace/Configuration (CTDOT CONNECT DDE).


COMPASS/Share Point users will:

  • be directed on how to request a new WorkSet through the CTDOT CAD Support Portal (Jira Service Management).