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Frequently Asked Questions About Title Issues

How do I go about donating my vehicle?
You must assign the reverse side of the Certificate of Title to the organization to which you are donating the vehicle. If you are not transferring your registration and plates to another vehicle, then you must turn the plates in to your local motor vehicle branch office.

How do I obtain a duplicate title?
Please see Requesting a Replacement Title for detailed information.

Does Connecticut participate in any electronic title or lien holder program?
Connecticut does not participate in any electronic title or electronic lien holder program and at this time is not able to receive an electronic title or lien holder record.

I have recently paid off my vehicle loan, and my lien holder mailed me the title and a letter indicating I should obtain a new title with DMV without the lien listed?
There is no need to obtain a new title. Connecticut only requires the lien to be released by your lien holder signing off on the title and/or providing you with a letter of lien release to attach to the title.

I have purchased an older vehicle in Connecticut, but the seller does not have a title. He says that the vehicle does not require a title. How do I register the vehicle?
The State of Connecticut no longer requires title certificates for vehicles that are older than 20 model years. In order for you to register the vehicle, you must have a Supplemental Assignment of Ownership (form Q-1) and a copy of the last registration certificate. You must show continuity of ownership from the last registered owner to you.

I just received my title certificate and noticed that my name is spelled incorrectly. How can I get this corrected? 
You must submit the original title with a note explaining the error and mail it to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Specialized Registry Services
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161

We will correct the error and mail you a new title.

What is the difference between the use of the conjunctions and and or on a Certificate of Title? Please see Definition of Joint or Common Ownership.

How do I add a lien holder to a title?  Please see Adding a Lienholder to a Title.