Sell a vehicle without a title

How to sell your car without a title

Sell a vehicle without a title

How to sell your car without a title

Selling your vehicle without a title

Selling to an instate buyer:

Your vehicle can be sold if the original Connecticut Certificate of Title has been lost, the purchaser will be registering the vehicle in Connecticut, and the vehicle is titled in your name. If these three conditions aren’t met, you will need to apply for a replacement title, known as a “duplicate title.”

Click here to request a replacement title.


If the vehicle is in your name and titled in Connecticut, the following forms need to be completed and signed by the current titled owner and given to the buyer of the vehicle:

  • Form H6B (Application for Replacement Certificate of Title)
  • Q-1 Form (Supplemental Assignment of Ownership)

How to sell your vehicle without a title:

  • Request and complete a Supplemental Assignment of Ownership Form (Form Q1). This form is also available at your local DMV office. Without this form, we are unable to transfer ownership.
  • Complete the Application for Replacement Certificate of Title (Form H6B).
  • If a lien was listed on the original Connecticut Certificate of Title, you’ll need to provide a lien release letter to the purchaser along with the application for a Replacement Certificate of Title.
    • IMPORTANT: The transaction will not be processed if a lien release is not submitted.
    • A lien release letter is required to process your transaction.
    • The lien release letter must be on letterhead from the lienholder. If the loan origination date is more than ten years old, complete section 2 on Form H6B form indicating that the lien has been satisfied.
  • If using Form H6B application in lieu of the Connecticut title, an additional $25.00 duplicate title fee will be charged at the time of registration.


Selling to an out-of-state buyer:

If the vehicle is a non-titled vehicle in the state of Connecticut, your registration certificate is considered proof of ownership. Connecticut does not title vehicles over 20 model years per Connecticut General Statute title 14, section 14-166. This letter can be used for reference when selling your non-titled vehicle.


Title requests:

The usual processing time for the issuance of a Connecticut title is 30 days from the date the vehicle is registered. If you don’t receive your title within 30 days, you are able to reapply for a title at no cost within 90 days. To reapply, complete a Statement of Non-Receipt of Title and mail it to:

Department of Motor Vehicles

Room 305, Specialized Registry Services

60 State Street

Wethersfield, CT 06161


Once the form is received, we will verify your eligibility to receive a title at no cost. The process may take up to 14 days.

  • If there is no lien on the title, the title will be mailed to the new owner (the name that appears on the registration).
  • If there is a lien on the title, the title is mailed to the lienholder.


Note: Connecticut doesn’t participate in any electronic title or electronic lienholder program and isn’t able to receive an electronic title or lienholder record.