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Please note: Anyone entering any DMV location will be required to wear a facial covering. This includes anyone taking a road skills test.

The deadline for customers to register to vote through DMV, and our partners, for this year's municipal elections is October 26, 2021. Customers should contact their town registrars for more information.

Motor Vehicle Dealerships
Online Processing
Customer Address Changes
Please follow these steps:
1. Any work with address changes should be separated from the remainder of the batch of work.  The address card should be on the front of the transaction so that it can be easily identified.  The entire transaction should be kept together.  
2. All of the remaining work should be batched together.  Both should have transmittal sheets attached.  The work with the address changes should be labeled clearly with “ADDRESS CHANGES” so that we can separate it when we receive it to more quickly process the work.