Get an adult learner’s permit

Apply for a learner’s permit if you are age 18 or older

Get an adult learner’s permit

Apply for a learner’s permit if you are age 18 or older

How to get an adult learner’s permit

If you are age 18 or older and want to drive, you need to get an adult learner’s permit—which will allow you to practice driving—in order to get a driver's license. 

To be able to sign up to take the driving test, you need to: 

  • Have held your adult learner’s permit for at least 90 days
  • Pass a vision and 25-question knowledge test (see languages offered for testing)
  • Take an eight-hour Safe Driving Practices Course

If you fail the vision test, you won’t be able to take the knowledge test. If you fail either the vision or knowledge test, you need to reschedule the tests online and pay the fees again.

Learner's permit testing is offered by appointment only at DMV offices. Please refer to the below tab about hearing interpreter services if you require hearing assistance.


Drive-only applicants: If you would like to apply for a drive-only license (for undocumented individuals), please visit the site for drive-only licenses.

Exemptions from 90-day wait requirement:

An adult learner's permit is still required, however you’re exempt from this 90-day practice driving requirement if you:

  • Are active-duty military stationed out of state (orders and military ID card required).
  • Previously held a Connecticut learner's permit or driver's license that can be verified in the DMV system.
  • Had a driver's license in the past. This includes individuals who have an out-of-state driver's license, US territory or out-of-country license. You need to provide an expired license or driving history from your previous state or country.

Transfer your license to Connecticut

Note: If you have a current Connecticut-issued, non-driver ID card, you can surrender and exchange it without bringing all of your identification documents to the DMV.

Required classroom training

Before taking the on-the-road skills test (driving test), you’re required to take an eight-hour Safe Driving Practices Course. 

Before beginning the training course, please note:

  • You can take it at any time, but you must take it before taking the on-the-road skills test.
  • It can be taken through a licensed driving school.
  • Proof of course completion (EDEC, driver education certificate) will be issued by a Connecticut-licensed driving school and sent electronically to the DMV after successful completion of the training course.

If you had a Connecticut driver's license and it’s been expired for two years or more, you are not required to take the eight-hour Safe Driving Practices Course.


Prepare for your knowledge and vision test

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