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Year of Manufacture Plates
According to state law (Title 14 Sec. 14-20), the owner of an antique, rare, or special interest vehicle may be authorized to display the "original" issued license plate that corresponds with the year of manufacture of said vehicle.
In order to qualify for the display of the Year of Manufacture (YOM) plate, registrants must have the original plate or plates in their possession with the plates corresponding to the year of manufacture of the vehicle on which they are to be used. 
In order to be given authorization for the display of the YOM plate, the following criteria must be met:
  • The YOM plates must be Connecticut issued plates
  • The vehicle must be currently registered with the Early American or Classic (Antique) plates.
  • An Application to Display Year of Original Manufacture Marker Plates (form B-320) must be completed.  Applications can be obtained at any DMV full-service office.
  • There are no fees associated with the Application to Display Year of Original Manufacture plates.
  • Applications to Display Year of Original Manufacture plates must be brought to a DMV full-service office along with the YOM plates for approval.
Once the application has been approved and the license plates are being displayed, the following guidelines must be met:
  • Registration of the Early American or Classic (Antique) plates must be maintained.
  • Early American or Classic plates must be kept in the vehicle while the YOM plates are being displayed.
  • The Early American or Classic plate registration document and the Application to Display Year of Original Manufacture Plates (form B-320) must be carried in the vehicle at all times.