Obtaining a Copy of Your Driving History


You can obtain a certified copy of your own driving record through the mail, or in-person at select DMV service locations by appointment only

If you are requesting a copy of a driving record of another individual, the request may only be submitted by mail.


In-Person at a DMV Service Location

If you would like to obtain a copy of your own driver history, you can visit the following offices by appointment only:

You will need to fill out a Copy Records Request Form (form J-23) and provide identification as stated on the J-23 as well as the required fee of $20.  *Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union charges a convenience fee of $8.00 per DMV transaction.  The $8.00 convenience fee per DMV transaction will be waived for customers who are members of the credit union. 


Through the Mail
  • Check the box requesting Driving History.
  • Fill in section 1 and sign the application.
  • Indicate applicable code (see reverse of application)
  • Complete the "applicant" section at bottom of the form.  You must also include your telephone number.
  • Make check payable to "DMV" in the amount of $20.
  • Copy of identification from the requestor. (Copy of driver license, non-driver identification card or passport.)
  • Mail completed form and documents to:
Department of Motor Vehicles
Copy Records Unit
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT  06161


You will receive a certified copy of your driving history in approximately two to three weeks from the date it was received.