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Combination Fee Chart

Combination registrations are issued to a motor vehicle which is used for both private passenger and commercial purposes if that vehicle does not have a gross vehicle weight in excess of 12,500 pounds. Fees are based on the gross vehicle weight rating that the vehicle will be registered for.

To use the chart below: 

  • Determine the maximum gross vehicle weight rating of the vehicle (the registered gross weight cannot be more than the manufacturer’s gross weight rating of the vehicle).
  • Find the corresponding weight in the first column and read across to the column labeled "2-Year Fee". The fee in this column is the amount charged for a new registration that is issued.
  • If the gross vehicle weight rating falls between two figures go to the next higher weight for the correct fee.

These fees are in addition to any other applicable fees such as Title, Plate fee, Sales Tax, etc.

All new combination registrations will expire in two years from the date of issuance. Effective January 1, 2020, new combination registrations will expire three years from date of issuance.

The column labeled "Equity" is the amount of credit that is allowed when a registration is being transferred to another vehicle or when the class of registration is being changed. Determine how many months are remaining on the registration, and then use the appropriate equity column. Do not count the current month.

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Combination Fee Chart

Registered Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 

2-Year Fee

19-24 Months Equity


13-18 Months Equity


7-12 Months Equity


1-6 Months Equity

3-Year Fee

Effective 1/1/20

Less than 3001  $94.00 $70.50 $47.00  $23.50 $141.00
3001-4000  $106.80  $80.10  $53.40  $26.70  $160.20
4001-5000  $130.00  $97.50  $65.00  $32.50  $195.00 
5001-6000  $153.20  $114.90  $76.60  $38.36  $229.80 
6001-7000  $176.40  $132.30  $88.20  $44.10  $264.60 
7001-8000  $199.60  $149.70  $99.80  $49.90  $299.40 
8001-9000  $222.80  $167.10  $111.40  $55.70  $334.20 
9001-10000  $246.00  $184.50  $123.00  $61.50  $369.00 
10001-11000  $269.20  $201.90  $134.60  $67.30  $403.80 
11001-12000  $292.40  $219.30  $146.20  $73.10  $438.60 
12001-12500  $315.60  $236.70  $157.80  $78.90  $473.40