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Licensed Dealers, Repairers, Leasing Companies and Manufacturers in Connecticut

All Connecticut motor vehicle dealers, repairers, leasing companies and manufacturers must be licensed by the DMV.

Please select on one of the following links below to view the business license list issued by DMV.  The list is arranged by license number, DBA's (doing business as), business name, business address/location, expiration of license and type of license.

Note: To view the list in a PDF document you will need to download a copy of Adobe Acrobat. The software is available free from Adobe. To get a free copy of the software, click "Get Acrobat." 

This list is changing on a weekly basis. Licensees can be added or removed at any given time. 

How to search: When searching to verify if a dealer, repairer, leasing company or manufacturer is on this list, search by license number (N123, U12, R45 etc.) or business location 123 Main Street or Hartford. If you are searching the list in Excel, you may have to save it to your computer before this feature will work.

Type of business:

  • O is for leasing company. 
  • J is for recycler (salvage/junkyard).
  • L is for a limited repair shop.
  • N is for a new car dealer.
  • U is for a used car dealer.
  • R is for a general repair shop.
  • M is for manufacturer. 

PLEASE NOTE: Many Dealer and Repairer licenses are issued in a business name but the facility may be doing business in another name (have a DBA = Doing-Business-As).  For example, XYZ Corporation may be doing business as Joe’s Garage. The address of Joe’s Garage will be on the list but the license will be in the XYZ Corporation name.