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Dealer Conveyance or Processing Fee

New and used car dealers who charge a conveyance or processing fee must disclose on both the purchase order and the car invoice that the fee is not payable to the State Of Connecticut.  
The dollar amount of this fee is not regulated or set by the State.

The following statement must appear in at least 10 point bold type on the face of each purchase order and invoice immediately adjacent to the stated fee:

 "The Dealer Conveyance Fee" or "The Dealer Processing Fee"
is not payable to the State of Connecticut.

The State of Connecticut has also mandated that a sign be posted where sales transactions are processed containing the following information:
  • The amount of the conveyance or processing fee
  • The services performed for such fee
  • That the fee is not payable to the State of Connecticut
  • That the buyer, where appropriate, may elect to submit the documentation for registration and transfer of ownership to the DMV and that the amount of the fee will be proportionately reduced by that election.  (NOTE: If the vehicle purchase requires the listing of a lienholder, the customer may not elect to submit the documentation.)
Sign specifications per Connecticut State Regulation:
  • The sign’s overall size is 36” x 26”
  • The top line of print is 125-point bold and underlined
  • The next five lines are 48-point bold
  • The last line is 60-point bold