Manuals and Publications

The Division of Wage and Workplace Standards offers a collection of manuals and publications designed to provide employers with information related to labor laws, workplace standards, and safety measures. 

ELAWS - Employment Laws Assistance 

Employment Laws - Assistance for Workers and Small Businesses. ELAWS is a set of interactive, online tools to help employers and employees learn more about their rights and responsibilities under numerous Federal employment laws.

Getting The Facts To Promote Young Worker Safety in Connecticut 

Young workers face many of the same occupational hazards as adult workers.

Paid Sick Leave - Connecticut General Statute 31-57r  

An Overview of the Paid Sick Leave Law, Posters, Guidance, Amendments, Contact Information.

Payment Requirements For Jury Service 

A Guide to Juror Service for Employees, Employers, and the Unemployed.

Salary Range Disclosure Law FAQ's 

Questions and Answers Regarding Public Act 21-30 - An Act Concerning the Disclosure of Salary Range for A Vacant Position.

Regulation Posters 

The only posters available through the CTDOL are those regarding State Labor Regulations. Posters are available to order free of charge or download.