Salvaged totaled vehicles

Be informed about the vehicle salvage process

Salvaged totaled vehicles

Be informed about the vehicle salvage process

Salvage overview

If your insurance company has determined that your vehicle is a "total loss" or the word "salvage" has been stamped on the title, it is illegal to operate this vehicle anywhere in Connecticut.


The registration on this vehicle has been cancelled, and the insurance company has sent the DMV a copy of the title stamped “salvage.” You should remove the plates from your vehicle.


However, the registration and plates on the salvaged vehicle can be transferred to another vehicle.


If you rebuild the salvaged vehicle, you should re-title it. Before you re-titled it, it needs to first pass a salvage inspection.

If the title is branded "salvage parts only" or "salvage unrebuildable" or "salvage unrepairable", the vehicle can’t be registered or re-titled under any circumstances.

Additional information

If the licensee’s vehicle has a questionable repair, the undercoating, sealer or parts may have to be removed at the request of the Inspector.


The owner of a vehicle that has been declared "salvage" cannot transfer ownership on an Application for Replacement of Title (Form H-6B). The owner must first obtain a duplicate title from the title section which will bear the legend "Salvage". 


The owner may then assign the reverse side of the duplicate title to the purchaser.


A New York State salvage certificate (Form MV907A) isn’t accepted by the Connecticut DMV. MV907A isn’t a title document. In NY the insurance companies issue this form. The customer then needs to bring that form to the inspection facility in NY. Once it passes inspection in NY, the state will issue a new NY title.

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