Composite vehicles

Customized vehicle inspection

Composite vehicles

Customized vehicle inspection

What is a composite vehicle?

A composite motor vehicle is by statute a motor vehicle that is:

  • composed or assembled from several parts of other motor vehicles,
  • assembled from a kit, OR 
  • been altered, assembled, or modified from the original manufacturer’s specifications.  Unless indicated on the manufacturer’s certificate of origin that the vehicle is a composite, any vehicle not assembled by a licensed manufacturer is classified as a composite motor vehicle, notwithstanding Replica Motor Vehicles.

A composite vehicle is not a vehicle that has been declared salvaged or rebuilt salvaged.  

Before a composite vehicle can be registered, it must pass a special composite vehicle inspection, which is only done in the DMV Wethersfield inspection lane. These inspections are done Monday through Friday from 8 am - 3 pm.  Vehicle must be transported off the road (trailered or flatbed, not driven).

If the vehicle was previously registered or titled as Composite in another state, a DMV inspection is not required.

Fee for the inspection shall be $88.00.  If a VIN is required to be assigned, an additional $50 fee will be due.



ALL Composite Motor Vehicles will be issued a Connecticut title.  The model year designation for the purpose of registration & title of a composite vehicle will be determined by the Motor Vehicle Inspector based on the model year that the body of the vehicle most closely resembles. 

Please note: Composite Motor Vehicles may not be registered with Classic plates.

Items needed for inspection
Bring either: 

  • The Certificate of Titles of all vehicles used for major component part. All composite vehicles are exempt from an emissions test.


  • One title, plus receipts for the parts of the other vehicles used. If the parts are from used vehicles, make sure the receipts specify the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

No title is needed for non-major component parts (examples of major parts are: engine, cowls, transmission, frame, doors, trunk lid, front and rear fenders, and quarter panels). Sales tax will be based on or credited from the receipts. 


At the time of inspection, the inspector will assign a VIN. The year assigned to the vehicle will be the year in which the vehicle was built or the year of a previously manufactured vehicle that it most closely resembles. On your registration and title documents, the make will be specified as "Composite."

For more information about what inspectors will be looking for during the inspection, review the composite vehicle information packet.


How much does it cost?
(A fee of $50 is charged for the VIN assignment)


Please note:  Composite motor vehicles are exempt from Connecticut emissions testing.