Disqualification of a Commercial Driver License 

The disqualification of a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) may occur for a variety of reasons.  In addition to violations received in Connecticut, convictions from other jurisdictions will be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles and recorded on your Connecticut driving history.  A driver who is disqualified or subject to an out of service order must not operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV).  See CGS 14-44k.

Disqualification for a period of one year will result from any one conviction of:

  • Operating under the influence
  • Evading responsibility
  • Use of a commercial motor vehicle in the commission of a felony 
  • Refusal to submit to a test to determine blood alcohol concentration or failure of such a test
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Having an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater while operating a CMV
  • Driving a CMV when the driver's CDL is revoked, suspended, canceled, or the driver is disqualified from operating a CMV

If any of the above listed offenses occur while driving a vehicle transporting hazardous materials, the disqualification period will be a minimum of three years for a first conviction. 

Two convictions for the above listed violations will result in lifetime disqualification of a Commercial Driver License

Use of a commercial motor vehicle in the commission of a felony involving controlled substances will result in a lifetime disqualification of a Commercial Driver License. 

In addition, a person is disqualified for a period of 60 days from driving a commercial motor vehicle if convicted of two serious traffic violations in or out of state, including but not limited to:

  • Speeding in excess of fifteen miles per hour over the posted speed limit
  • Reckless driving
  • Following too closely 
  • Improper or erratic lane changes 
  • Texting and/or the use of a hand-held mobile telephone while operating a CMV
  • Driving a commercial motor vehicle without obtaining a CDL 
  • Driving a CMV without the proper class of CDL and/or endorsements for the specific vehicle group being operated or for the passengers or type of cargo being transported
  • Conviction arising in connection with an accident related to the operation of a commercial motor vehicle and which resulted in a fatality
  • Driving a CMV without a CDL in the driver's possession

Any additional convictions of the above listed violations will result in a 120 day disqualification.

If you believe a disqualification is in error, please provide a legible copy of the original ticket and a letter of explanation.  Please be sure to include your name, date of birth and current mailing address and telephone number with the area code in your letter.  Once completed, mail your correspondence to:

State of ConnecticutDepartment of Motor VehiclesDriver Services Division 60 State Street Wethersfield, CT  06161-1013