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Facial coverings must be worn during all road skills tests and are highly recommended to be worn when entering a DMV office.

Selling Your Vehicle


What to do:
    • Complete and sign the reverse side of the Certificate of Title and give it to the new owner along with a Bill of Sale (form H-31). You may draft your own Bill of Sale, as there is no special form required.  If you are drafting your own bill of sale it must contain the following information - name and address of purchaser; name and address of seller; description of vehicle (make, model, year, color, and vehicle identification number); sales price; date of sale; signature of seller.
    • As a seller you should keep a copy of the completed Title and Bill of Sale for your records.  
    • Remove your plates from the vehicle and cancel your registration with DMV.  If canceling online, be sure to print out your receipt.
    • NOTE: Until you cancel your registration, the vehicle is subject to property tax assessment in the town of record for that vehicle. If you receive an additional property tax bill for the vehicle you should check with your local property tax assessor for a prorated bill showing your cancelled plate receipt and a copy of the Bill of Sale for the vehicle.
    • You must maintain liability insurance on the registration as long as it is active; therefore, do not cancel the insurance on the vehicle until the registration has been canceled with DMV.
    • The new owner will then be required to register the vehicle in his/her name and apply for a new Certificate of Title.