Emergency Vehicles

Please complete Flashing Lights and Siren Permit (form E-215) and submit with a $20 fee per permit.
Below are the emergency vehicles that qualify for a flashing light permit and whom they are authorized by.
  • CEO Ambulance Co./Assistant to CEO Ambulance Co. -Office of Emergency Medical Services
  • Director of Emergency Management -Mayor/First Selectman
  • Fire Chiefs/Assistant Fire Chiefs -Fire Chief
  • Fire Marshal -Fire Chief or Mayor/First Selectman
  • Fire Police - Fire Chief
  • First Responder/Paramedic Vehicles - Office of Emergency Medical Services
  • Member of Volunteer Fire Company -Fire Chief (blue) or local Chief of Police (headlamps)
  • Member of Volunteer Ambulance Company -CEO Ambulance Company (green) or local Chief of Police (headlamps)