Renew Your Vehicle Registration

Please have your PIN ready before you begin.
Don’t have a PIN? You’ll have a chance to enter your license # on the next page.
For more tips, check out the DMV “Quick Tips” section right below

Okay, Let's Start! How is your vehicle currently registered?

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To a Business/Organization/Leased Vehicle

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Quick Tips


Please have your printer ready before starting. Once you finish your registration renewal, you’ll need to print it out and keep it in your vehicle.  If you need to reprint at a later time, select this link.  

Get a Reminder

Want to be reminded of your next renewal date? Simply enter your email address at the end of the registration process. 
(Please note: this is only for reminder purposes. You will not be emailed your registration or renewal)

Lease Car?

If you are renewing a Leased Vehicle with a PIN, you would choose Organization.

You’re Protected

Any document you print from our site – such as a renewed registration -  will not include the address.

Need a Beneficiary?

If you wish to name a beneficiary to your vehicle, simply print out this beneficiary form. At the end of the renewal process, just attach it to your registration certificate.

Learn more about the Passport to the Parks fee.