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Facial coverings must be worn during all road skills tests and are highly recommended to be worn when entering a DMV office.

Check Your Status

Before Registering a Vehicle

(Compliance Issues)

Before doing DMV business, check your status online to make sure you do not have any outstanding issues. 


Note:  Compliance issues may be subject to change at the actual time of a transaction with the DMV. This may happen due to timing and customer related records.


Check My Status


Select an issue to learn more about it.   
Property Tax

State law requires DMV to deny vehicle registrations in the name of a person reported as tax delinquent by a Connecticut town or city. Please contact the city or town listed to settle your tax obligation. DMV will no longer accept paper tax releases. Your tax collector will need to clear you online. More on property tax requirements.

Parking Tickets
State law allows the DMV to deny any vehicle registrations in the name of a person reported with outstanding tickets in a Connecticut city or town. Please contact the Connecticut city or town to settle your parking ticket obligation.


Commercial Vehicle Safety (Safety Records)
Our records indicate you have been reported by DMV's Commercial Vehicle Safety Division for one of the following reasons:
  • Roadside Safety Inspection. Please call: 860-263-5446.
  • School Bus/Student Transportation Vehicle Inspection. Please call: 860-263-5447.
  • Diesel Powered Commercial Motor Vehicle Emissions Inspection. Please call: 860-263-5446.
  • Federal Out of Service Order. Please call: 860-263-5163.
Emissions Testing

Emissions Compliance

The vehicle that you are registering must be up to date for emissions testing requirements.  You can check the test date here for your vehicle.  For more information about Connecticut's Emissions Testing Program, visit
Emissions Test Late Fee
If a vehicle was tested 30 days after the testing deadline, a $20 late fee will be charged to the owner of the vehicle.  Any vehicle owner who has not paid emissions testing late to DMV will not be able to register a vehicle or renew an existing registration.  The late fee can be paid through the DMV's online service.   


Registration Privilege Suspension
Any vehicle owner who has a suspension of registration privileges will not be able to register a new vehicle or renew an existing registration.  A customer can get details on how to resolve their issue by contacting the DMV's Registration Suspension Unit at 860-263-5911.
Insurance Requirements (Compliance Issues)
Any vehicle owner that has an unresolved issue related to vehicle insurance will be unable to register a new vehicle or renew an existing registration For more information, visit DMV’s insurance webpage or call DMV's Insurance Compliance Unit at 860-263-5725.