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Facial coverings must be worn during all road skills tests and are highly recommended to be worn when entering a DMV office.

Fees for Assorted Permits, Fines,
Tickets and Services

Acceptable Forms of Payment at DMV office locations.
Type of Action
Duplicate Title $25
Flashing Light Permit
          - Red or white or amber $20 Per year
          - Red and white $20 Per year
Ignition Interlock Device - Administrative Fee $100
Insurance Consent Agreement $200
License or Registration Restoration (when under suspension)
$175 (Payment must be mailed and in the form of check or money order payable to DMV)
Permanent Handicapped Permit No fee
Temporary Handicapped Parking Permit
          - Application Fee $5 (Issued for period of six months)
Tinted Window Permit No fee
Work/Education Permit

$100 (This is a non-refundable application fee made in the form of a check or money order payable to DMV for each request for a permit)