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Quick Reference on Tinted Windows

SERVICE UPDATE:  DMV has transitioned to a new, online-only appointment system for road tests.  You can find the new online appointment system here.  

Any vehicle with an after-market tint applied to the window (after factory) must have a tint compliance sticker affixed to it by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Stickers may be affixed to vehicle windows which, when tested, have an allowable light transmittance of no less than 35 percent plus or minus three percent. 

What is after-market tint?

Any person owning a vehicle having a window, which has been tinted or darkened with any tinted material after factory delivery, shall present such vehicle to the Department of Motor Vehicles for inspection.

Inspection:  Courtesy inspections for window tint are conducted at the following DMV Inspection Lanes:

Medical Exemption: If a medical condition exists, which requires tint between 32 percent and not less than 20 percent, a medical exemption form must be completed.

The validated form must be carried in the vehicle at all times; compliance stickers will not be affixed to windows in exempted vehicles. The Request for Application & Special Permit for Exemption from Tinted Window Requirements (Form E-220) must be validated by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Division after passing the tint measurement at either the Wethersfield or Hamden inspection lanes.

Window tint with a light transmittance of less than 20 percent will fail the measurement and not be issued the exemption. Applicants in this situation will be referred to the Medical Review Unit. 

Rear Window:  If the vehicle is equipped with left and right-hand side rear view mirrors, the tinting standard does not apply to the rear most window (back window).

MPV:  If the manufacturer's certification label in the driver’s door jamb identifies the vehicle as an MPV, the windows to the rear of the operator may be tinted as dark as desired provided the vehicle is equipped with left and right side rear view mirrors.

Trucks, motor buses, motor homes and livery vehicles:  The windows to the rear of the operator may be tinted as dark as desired provided the vehicle is equipped with left and right side rear view mirrors.

If a customer wishes to verify if their vehicle tints are within the legal limit, they may bring the vehicle to the Wethersfield or Hamden inspection lanes. If the vehicle fails, the customer will receive a warning ticket.