Online Registration Program

This is a resource for Connecticut DMV-licensed motor vehicle dealerships that can register vehicles through an online registration program

Online Registration Program

This is a resource for Connecticut DMV-licensed motor vehicle dealerships that can register vehicles through an online registration program
Procedure for dealer online DMV registrations
This webpage is a resource for Connecticut DMV-licensed motor vehicle dealerships that register their customer’s vehicles through the Online Registration Program.
How to become an online dealership


An online dealer is a licensed Connecticut dealer who has been approved to process Connecticut registrations and title applications using the Online Registration Program (ORP) System.  Any active licensed Connecticut dealership that processes more than 7 transactions a month can qualify to submit an application to compliance unit for review.  The renewal of the dealer license is done biennially and will be conducted with the Dealer and Repairs Unit.  The online dealer can cancel at their own discretion.  The online service remains active as long as the dealership complies with the Online Registration Program (ORP) requirements.


How to: 

Before a dealer can become an On-Line Dealer Agent the following must be completed and/or on file with the DMV:
1. Letter of Intent (Vendor Form)
2. Registration Issuance Bond (A current $5,000 Dealer Issuance Bond must be on file with the Compliance Unit)

a. The bond will need to be overnighted to DMV Compliance Unit room 305

3. On-Line Dealer Program Requirements (The requirement agreement must be signed by the Dealership Principal)
4. Dealer License
5. Training Certificate (Dealership personnel utilizing the On-Line System must be trained by CARA and Vendor) - contact:, Dealertrack
6. A funds account must be established with CARA
7. Letter of Experience (if applicable)

There are no fees involved in becoming and online dealership with the DMV. The dealership will settle all required fees by their vendor and /or with the Connecticut Automobile Retailers Association  (CARA).


Information for current DMV-regulated business licensees

See below for log sheets concerning the $100 fee motor vehicle dealers are required to collect for vehicles that are traded in:


Hub dealers (processing registrations for other Connecticut dealerships)






Bloomfield Motors LLC

86 Granby Street



Advance Auto Sales

64 Federal Road



Brothers Auto Sales and Repairers

88 Balmforth Avenue


East Granby

Checkered Flag Auto Center LLC

170-174 Hartford Avenue


East Hartford

Gengras Chevrolet

585 Connecticut Boulevard



Old School Riders Inc.

398 Somers Road



Central Inc.

185 Welton Street


Jewett City

East Coast Auto Group LLC

2 Business Parkway



Lynch Toyota

179 Tolland Turnpike



Brustolon Buick

Route 1 Box 68


North Branford

Lee J's Auto Sales

1239A Foxon Road



Rt. 12 Auto Sales

168 North Main Street



Moore Brothers Inc.

687 Portland Cobalt Road


South Windsor

MAX BMW Motorcycles of South Windsor (By appointment: Motorcycles only)

1535 John Fitch Blvd


Stafford Springs

Rays Stafford Sales and Service

124W Stafford Road



Abate Auto Body and Collision

610 Migeon Avenue



H and U Inc.

1472-1476 East Main Street


  • Transferring a customer's registration
  • Make a correction after a vehicle title issuance for title-only transactions
  • Required documents for title corrections
  • Online Dealer Registration Batching and Submission Policy
  • Adding a customer for online DMV processing
  • Dealership customer address change

Transferring a customer's registration

When transferring a registration, all newly processed registrations are for a full three-year term (except for Commercial registrations, which are one year).
The new system calculates the equity remaining on the customer’s registration and charges the remaining amount for the full three-year registration.

Please see page 62 of the dealer online manual to see examples of how registration transactions are calculated.

Make a correction after a vehicle title issuance for title-only transactions

The DMV assigns a permanent registration and title when a vehicle is registered in our online system. To make corrections to a title that’s already issued:

  • Complete an H-13 Form (do not fill out the dealer section)
    • Odometer reading with the current mileage
    • Seller: Must be the name listed on the current title.
    • New or used: Must be “used”. **
  • Pay fee by check or money order
    • $65 with lienholder
    • $55 without lienholder
  • Mail fee and H-13 Form to: 

    Department of Motor Vehicles 
    Attn:  Specialized Registry Services 
    60 State Street 
    Wethersfield, CT  06161

If you have any questions, please contact the Dealer Processing Unit at 860-263-5181.

After a title is issued, all errors are processed as ownership transfers.
Examples of common errors on vehicle titles:

  • Loan agreements don’t match the current registration and title.
  • The lease company’s name isn’t the name the lease company wanted i.e., Nissan Infiniti LT vs. NILT Inc.
  • The customer wants to add or drop a name on the new vehicle.

Errors can’t be corrected by going back to the original application. Once an application is completed and processed, a new application for registration and title are necessary.

Required documents for title corrections

Required documents for title corrections 
Please provide these documents to process after-title-issuance changes:

  • Form H-13 (see above)
  • Outstanding certificate of title properly assigned from seller (the name that appears on the front of the title) to buyer (how the vehicle should be registered and titled).
  • A letter of lien release for lien correction (if applicable).
  • A current Connecticut Insurance Card in the name of the applicants(s). 
  • Photocopies of the current applicant’s driver license.
  • The proper fees for a record transfer, title, and lien fees (if applicable). 
  • A power of attorney is needed if the lienholder or dealer is signing paperwork for applicant, accompanied by that person’s photo ID.
  • A photocopy of the current registration.

** In order to keep the vehicle listed as “New” a letter from the dealer, on dealer letterhead, must be submitted within six months from the title issuance date. The letter must state that the lienholder or lease company requests, a new title because it is registered and titled incorrectly.

Online Dealer Registration Batching and Submission Policy

It is recommended that the OLRS documents be mailed via overnight (FED EX, UPS, etc.) to ensure a tracking system. If Documents are not received within the 10 (ten) DMV business day submission policy, the dealership could be responsible for duplicating all of the documents.


When submitting work to the processing unit at DMV, please follow the below policy:


1.  When issuing a registration and title document through the online dealer system, please be sure all the data is accurate before committing the transaction.


2.  All OLRS Transactions must be submitted to the Online Processing Unit within 10 business days as per statutory requirement 14-15(d).


3.  Print a transaction detail report (Transmittal Sheet) with same day’s work. Multiple days must not be submitted with one transmittal sheet. The work is filed by date, so there should not be more than one day of work per transmittal sheet.


4.  Please scan all the documents you are submitting (aside from the driver’s license or ID card).


5.  You must submit a completed CT registration and title application(Form H-13B), MCO or title, federal odometer statement, insurance card, a copy of driver’s license or ID card, registration credential, any additional required documents if needed (Q-1, etc.), and an imaging cover sheet for each transaction.


6.  Attach the transaction detail report and put the transaction(s) in the order that indicated on the transmittal sheet.


7.  You must attach all the transactions indicated on the transmittal sheet.


8.  Send all work to the DMV:

Department of Motor Vehicles

  Core Customer Operations, Room 305

60 State St

Wethersfield, CT, 06161


9.  Any dealership that has not submitted documentation within Ten (10) DMV business days is considered to be in violation of the Online Registration Procedures

Adding a customer for online DMV processing

To add a customer, please fax a completed CT registration and title application (Form H-13B) to the DMV at 860-326-0522. Be sure to include:

  • Customer name
  • Current address (mailing & residency)
  • Date of birth
  • A clear, legible copy of the customer's driver’s license or ID card

The address on the CT credential must match what’s on the application form. If different, a change of address request (Form B58) must also be included.

Please include a cover sheet with the contact information (name and phone # or email) of requestor.
It will take approximately one hour to add the customer to the DMV system during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.). This transaction can only be completed via fax and not by phone.

Dealership customer address change

When processing customer paperwork, the dealer can direct the customer to an online change of address if needed. The customer will receive a receipt once the transactions has been completed.

  • Compliance issues (that prevent a registration)

Compliance issues (that prevent a registration)

If your customer has a compliance issue (e.g., delinquent tax, insurance compliance, parking tickets, registration suspension), you have 14 days to have the customer resolve the issue.

Note: DMV no longer accepts paper tax clearances from tax collectors. See additional information.
If the customer does not resolve the compliance issue after 14 days, you may send the paperwork to the DMV's dealer online unit as a "title only" transaction. Here are the procedures:

  • Both the dealer and the customer must sign the request for title only transaction form. The form states that if the customer does not resolve their compliance issue, the DMV will cancel their current registration and they will lose all equity.
  • Hold all the paperwork for 14 days.
  • If the customer comes back within that 14-day period with the compliance issue resolved, register the vehicle as you would normally (see above).
  • If the customer does not come back within the 14-day period, send to DMV the completed request for title only transaction form signed by both the dealer and customer, along with the DMV paperwork and associated fees, to perfect the lien.
  • Mail the documents/fees to:

    Department of Motor Vehicles
    Core Customer Operations - Room 305
    60 State Street
    Wethersfield, CT 06161

The DMV will perfect the lien and send you a letter stating that their lien has been perfected. You’ll be advised that once the compliance issue is resolved, you may go to your local DMV branch to register the vehicle. You will need to provide the letter received from the DMV, a completed CT registration and title application (Form H-13B), your driver’s license, insurance card (provided by your insurance company), and payment for required transaction fees. 

Note: Please do not use a title-only form for changing or correcting a lienholder. The title-only form is to be used only to perfect a lien when a customer has compliance issues.

  • Dealership withdrawals (vehicles that did not leave the dealer lot)

Dealership withdrawals (vehicles that did not leave the dealer lot)

Withdrawals are a special online process for vehicles that have been registered online and delivery has not been taken (and the void window has expired, and the vehicle has not left the lot within 30 days from the date of processing).

Dealership withdrawal process:

  • The registration record will be processed.
  • If a CT title has already been released:
    • Contact lienholder or customer and retrieve CT title
    • If applicable, submit lien release
    • Under no circumstances should you process a correction or new registration while the withdrawal is pending
  • Contact the customer call center at 860-263-5708 and request a withdrawal. Provide your contact email. 
  • Complete the form H71
    • Indicate if new or transfer
    • Give plate number of online transaction
    • Scan all documents front and back
    • Submit the form to the return email
    • Indicate if the dealer has the work or was sent into DMV office
    • Submit prepaid FedEx/UPS slip for return work and title (only if work was marked “submitted” on the form
  • Processing time is five to seven days
    • Review documents before submitting
    • Incorrect documents can delay the process
  • When the dealer receives the original documents back, they are to process the new transaction pending within 48 hours.
    • Any fees paid will not be refunded.