NOTICE: VISITING US? Know Before You Go.

Purchase an Out-of-State Titled Vehicle

Click here and follow the steps to Register Your Vehicle.

If the vehicle is not currently registered, prior to transporting your vehicle, you will first need to proceed to your local DMV Hub Office or Limited Service Office and obtain a temporary registration.  Please see Requirements for Obtaining a Temporary Registration for Inspection Purposes.

Once you have obtained a temporary registration, an emissions test and vehicle identification number (VIN) verification is required, which are performed at the emissions station.  Please bring your vehicle, registration and drivers license to your local emissions test station.

Vehicles that are exempt from emissions testing will require a VIN verification

A Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) will be completed by the emissions technician and a copy of the report will be given to you. The VIR must be presented to the DMV when applying for a permanent registration.

In addition to the above conditions, please be aware that some of the equipment laws in Connecticut may be different from those in the state in which the vehicle was last registered.

Examples are: Tinted Windows and Side Pipe Exhaust Systems.

In general, the tinting of the windshield or windows in the doors of the vehicle is not allowed.  However, window tinting performed by the manufacturer, at the time of manufacture, or for medical reasons, may be allowed.  If your rear windows are tinted with other than a factory tint, Connecticut law requires the vehicle to have two outside rear view mirrors.  Functioning side pipe exhaust systems are not allowed on passenger vehicles in Connecticut, unless the vehicle is manufactured with them.

Please see important information about leased vehicles.

For information about registering trailers, please see Requirements for the Registration of a Camp Trailer.

Vehicles cannot be registered if delinquent property tax or parking tickets are owed or if the registrant has had their registration privilege suspended.