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Driving School License Checklist

All laws related to commercial driving schools can be found in the Connecticut General Statutes (Title 14-68 through 14-78) and in the Regulations of State Agencies (Section 14-78-1 through -14-78-48).  To request an application packet to apply for a driving school license, please contact the DMV's Driver Education Unit.


Below are items needed to open a Commercial Driving School in Connecticut:


DMV forms to complete:

Additional requirements:

  • Accurate Map of the location including property lines, building dimensions showing windows and doors and other characteristics of the location.
  • Zoning approval of any location where business will be taking place:  location must be at least 200 sq. ft. and the zoning report must indicate that location is suitable to be used for a driving school
  • Approved Fire Marshals Report.

  • A Driver Education Vehicle equipped with auxiliary controls.
  • CT Financial Responsibility Certificate (R-1325c) (minimum liability insurance and uninsured motorist coverage for each vehicle of $300,000 per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage.
  • Surety Bond (B-319) - $15,000 per location – (up to $100,000). 

  • Proof of business registration:
    For an LLC or Corporation:  proof of registration with Secretary of State Corporation
    For DBA:  Copy of trade name certificate in town where main business is located.

  • A class curriculum consisting of thirty (30) hours of classroom and (8) hours of behind-the-wheel-training (drug and alcohol portion of the curriculum must be written by a person with expertise in that field).

  • Current Textbooks (enough for the entire class).

  • Classroom Schedule.

  • State Fingerprint Forms (DPS-125C) for each owner, officer or manager of proposed school.  Fingerprinting is performed at: Any local/state police department or the state Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection headquarters.

  • A fingerprint-supported background check is required for this application (for a school all owner(s), managers, officers, etc. must provide a background check).  The following forms must be completed by all individuals applying:  Download the forms here

    When the forms are received by the agency an email will be sent to the email provided on your application with instructions on how to apply for a criminal background check.  Failure to complete these forms will cause a delay in the processing of your application.  

  • Authorization for DCF CPS Background Check (form DCF-3031) for each owner, officer and manager of the proposed school.  
Required Fees (after the application has been approved)
  • $700 (for two-year Commercial Driving School License)
  • $176 (for each additional branch)