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Online Dealers:
Correction After Title Issuance
For Title Only Transactions
When a vehicle is registered in the online system it has a PERMANENT registration and title assigned to it.  The proper fee and a completed H-13 form must be sent to Mail Operations Division for any corrections.
Corrections after title issuance are processed differently than error corrections processed prior to title issuance.  After a title has been issued, all errors are required to be processed as ownership transfers.  These transactions are not dealer transactions (dealer section is not to be completed on the H-13). The dealer is only acting as the agent for these transactions. 
Example of common errors: Loan agreements not matching the current registration and title, the lease company’s name isn’t the name the lease company wanted i.e. Nissan Infiniti LT vs. NILT Inc., the customer wanted to add or drop a name on the new vehicle.  These errors cannot be corrected by going back to the original application; once it has been completed and processed a new registration and title have to be applied for. 
The documents needed to process these transactions are as follows:
  • Application form H-13 must be completed in full (see below) 
    - Odometer Reading:  must be the current mileage
    - Seller: must be the name listed on the current title
    - Dealer section: must NOT be completed
    - New or Used: must be “used” **
  • Outstanding certificate of title properly assigned from seller (the name that appears on the front of the title) to buyer (how the vehicle should be registered and titled.)
  • A letter of Lien Release for Lien correction (if applicable)
  • A current Connecticut Insurance Card in the name of the applicants(s).
  • Photocopies of the current applicant’s driver license.
  • The proper fees for a record transfer, title, and lien fees (if applicable.)
  • A power of attorney is needed if the lien holder or dealer is signing paperwork for applicant, accompanied by that person’s photo ID.
  • A photocopy of the current registration.
  • Fees required to be submitted in check or money order:
    o $65.00 with lien holder
    o $55.00 without lien holder
Please mail these transactions to:
Department of Motor Vehicles
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT  06161
Attn:  Specialized Registry Services

If you have any questions regarding this type of transaction please contact the Dealer Processing Unit at (860) 263-5181.

** In order to keep the vehicle listed as “New” a letter from the dealer, on dealer letterhead, must be submitted within six months from the title issuance date.  The letter must state that the lien holder/lease company has requested a new title because it was registered and titled incorrectly**