Unemployment Insurance Reemployment Services And Eligibility Assessment (UI RESEA)

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UI RESEA is a program funded by the U.S. Department of Labor to help unemployment insurance claimants return to work faster. Claimants are selected to participate based on multiple factors, including most likely to exhaust UI benefits. If you are selected, you will receive a notification by email within five weeks of initiating your claim that advises you to participate in a virtual meeting.

The UI RESEA meeting includes an eligibility assessment regarding your unemployment benefits and a review of your work search approach and efforts. You will receive information about the services available through the American Job Centers as well as labor market and career information. An American Job Center representative will help you develop a plan to address your specific reemployment needs. Your plan will include a referral to one mandatory virtual reemployment service.

If selected for UI RESEA:


You must fully participate in the UI RESEA program. If you are unable to attend this mandatory virtual meeting, you must call the American Job Center number listed on your Notification letter before the meeting and provide the reason for requesting a meeting change. Failure to do so or attend this virtual meeting may result in an indefinite disqualification from receiving unemployment benefits until you participate in the meeting.


Please review the RESEA Orientation prior to your scheduled meeting for an overview of the program and Preparing for Your Virtual RESEA Meeting instructions to complete all information 3 business days prior to your meeting.


Mandatory work search requirements: File your weekly claim and work search efforts on the Sunday prior to your RESEA meeting. Your work search efforts will be reviewed during the RESEA meeting.



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