Can I file for unemployment if my former employer says I quit or was fired?

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Requesting a fact finding

If you believe you are eligible for unemployment benefits but your employer states that you quit or were discharged (fired), you may be asked to provide a rebuttal and the statements will be reviewed by an adjudicator, who will issue a decision on your eligibility for benefits.   If you are denied benefits, you may appeal.


If you quit, you will have to prove that you had “good cause” because of wages, hours, or working conditions, including a breach of your employment agreement.


An adjudication specialist will review the letters and evidence submitted by you and your former employer and will notify you of your eligibility for benefits.  If the adjudicator decides you are eligible to receive unemployment benefits, you may receive back benefits from the time you left employment. Your former employer will also be given the opportunity to file an appeal on a benefits award decision. 


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