What should employers expect during an inspection?

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What to expect as an employer during an inspection


Employers should expect the following:


  1. When the CONN-OSHA compliance officer arrives at your workplace, (s)he will display official credentials and ask to meet an appropriate employer representative. You should always ask to see the compliance officer's credentials.

  2. The compliance officer will conduct an opening conference to explain the purpose of the visit, the scope of the inspection, and the standards that apply. You will be given a copy of an employee complaint that may be involved (with the employee's name deleted, if the employee has requested anonymity). 

    An authorized employee representative is given the opportunity to attend the opening conference and to accompany the compliance officer during the inspection.

  3. After the opening conference, the compliance officer will proceed through your establishment to inspect work areas for safety or health hazards.

    Employers are required to provide access to the following: 
    • Personnel and Union Representatives
    • Injury and Illness Records.
    • Safety and Health Programs.
    • All Work and Storage Areas. 

  4. At the conclusion of the inspection, the compliance officer will conduct a closing conference to discuss all unsafe or unhealthful conditions observed. The inspector will also indicate apparent violations for which citations and proposed penalties may be issued or recommended.

  5. After the compliance officer reports findings, the CONN-OSHA director will determine whether citations will be issued and whether penalties will be proposed.

  6. A written notice of citations and proposed penalties will be sent to you by certified mail.

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