How does the consulting process work?

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Understanding the consulting process


Step 1:
Once a consultation request is received, it is assigned to either an occupational safety consultant or an occupational hygienist, who contacts you by telephone or email to determine a mutually convenient date/time for an on-site visit. It is recommended that you inform the consultant of the scope of your request, ranging from a few specific issues to a full-service consultation.


Step 2:
On the day of the scheduled visit, the consultation begins with an opening conference, during which time the consultant will brief you on your rights and responsibilities and answer any initial questions you have.


Step 3:
After the opening conference, the consultant conducts a walkthrough of your facility to identify hazards and evaluate work practices. Occupational hygienists also conduct industrial hygiene monitoring (if requested) at this time.


Step 4:
The site visit concludes with a closing conference to discuss findings and hazards found. Correction dates for serious hazards are then determined and agreed upon by you and the consultant. The closing conference is an ideal time to discuss problems and solutions.


Step 5:
The consultant prepares a written report of identified workplace hazards, evaluated safety and health programs, and in certain cases, interpretations of industrial hygiene sampling analyses.


Step 6:
After you receive the consultation report you will be asked to send the consultant a written summary of the actions you took to correct serious hazards.


Employers can request extensions for the abatement of serious hazards by writing/faxing such requests to the consultant.


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