What are the differences between compliance and consulting?

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Differentiating between compliance and consulting


  • CONN-OSHA enforces state occupational safety and health standards only in municipalities and state agencies.

  • CONN-OSHA offers consulting services to state agencies and municipalities as well as to private businesses in Connecticut. There is no cost for consulting services.

  • There is no exchange of information between CONN-OSHA consultants and compliance officers. If consulting services are in progress, a compliance officer typically will not go to that site unless one of the following occurs:
    • An employee makes a complaint.
    • A death occurs at that site.
    • One or more individuals are hospitalized as a result of one particular incident.

  • Penalties and citations are not issued as a part of the consulting program.

  • On rare occasions, if the designated representative of your state agency/municipality will not comply with the corrective timetables agreed upon by both parties, the consultant may refer the case to the CONN-OSHA Director. The Director may refer the case to enforcement when all options are exhausted.

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